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The Best Ways to Avoid Cavities in Young Children

  Cavities, specifically early childhood cavities, are decayed tooth surfaces occurring in children 6 and under. Cavities are very common (one of the most common health issues), but also very easy to prevent. Eating the wrong foods, consumption of sugary substances, and improper cleaning can all lead to tooth decay.   Symptoms: – Major tooth […]

Englewood Dental is Giving Kids A Smile This February

Did you know that millions of underprivileged children in the U.S. go without receiving dental care every year? The Centers for Disease Control claims that tooth decay is known to be one of the most common chronic childhood conditions, leading to serious health issues into adolescence and late adulthood. Unfortunately, as family income levels decrease, […]

How to Deal with Kids who Don’t Want to Brush Their Teeth

At some point, most young children are bound to go on a strike against brushing their teeth. This is a very frustrating time for parents, since brushing teeth is so crucial to kids’ health. There can be many causes of kids resisting to brush their teeth, so it is important to identify those specific reasons […]

Best and Worst Foods To Ensure A Healthy Mouth: The Do’s and Don’ts

In order to achieve the healthiest mouth possible for your child, it is crucial that you establish a healthy diet. Their diet will not only affect their general health but their oral health as well. Initiating a balanced diet will help ensure properly developing teeth. Many dentists will recommend specific foods and vitamins for their […]

Halloween and the Holidays: Tooth Decay Prevention

  With the neverending candy supply and yummy desserts served at fall and winter parties, Halloween is the commencement for all sweet heavy holidays. With this in mind, knowledge of tooth decay prevention is a big factor in helping to keep your mouth happy and healthy!     Make it through the Fall/Winter Holiday Season […]

Teething Children: What are the best ways to soothe sore gums?

Babies often begin teething by about 6 months of age. The first teeth that generally appear are the two bottom front teeth—lower central incisors—followed by the two top front teeth—upper central incisors.     So, what does typical teething look like? The most common signs and symptoms of teething are: 1. Drooling 2. Chewing on […]

Mouthguards Save Smiles!

As we begin signing out of summer camp and into after-school activities and sports, it’s important we take the time to focus on what’s important—our children’s smiles! It’s possible to avoid thousands of dollars in dental repair work by simply wearing a mouth guard. If that isn’t reason enough, did you know athletes who do […]

Tips For Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

Going to the dentist for the first time can be a scary idea for a child. However, most children overcome this fear and grow up to be quite the regular dental office visitor, and very responsible when it comes to their oral health. Still, there are children who remain deathly afraid of dentists for any […]

Bring Your List to Santa!

Bring Your List to Santa When He Visits The Children’s Dental Health Center! Saturday, December 17, 2016 12:00pm to 1:00pm Each child will receive a Free Dental Checkup and Goody Bag! Space is Limited, Please reserve your child’s spot early. Register Your Child Here Your browser does not support iframes.   

Follow These Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Smile this Halloween

Keep the Tricks away and Treat your children’s teeth right with these helpful tips for a healthy mouth this Halloween!   Halloween is right around the corner, but there’s no need to be afraid for you little one’s teeth. Check out our Halloween Do’s and Don’ts for a trick-free holiday.         DO […]