Dentistry for Teens

We Treat Teens and Tweens Too

There is no one more self conscious than a teenager and, at Englewood Dental, we understand this and are ready to make your son or daughter look and feel their best. From the first moment they arrive at our dentist office, our staff is trained to make them feel welcome and at ease. We take their concerns seriously and explain procedures to them before we start treatment.

Whether it’s straightening a smile with traditional or Invisalign® orthodontics, repairing a chipped tooth with bonding or protecting the teeth with a professionally fitted sports mouthguard, our dentists are here to help.

Dental Services Offered for Teenagers in Englewood, NJ:

  • Cleaning, Fluoride Treatments, Digital X-rays (less radiation) and Preventative Care
  • White Fillings
  • Zoom® Whitening – for a bright, fresh smile. Perfect for special occasions such as the prom.
  • Lumineers® –  thin shells placed over the existing teeth. Done in just two visits, without the need to grind down the teeth. These veneers can correct a gap, or give misshaped teeth the perfect balance, lighten dark teeth or fix small alignment problems.
  • Bonding – an inexpensive and simple method to repair chips, or a tooth broken in an accident.
  • Orthodontics have come a long way. We now offer traditional braces, clear invisible braces and Invisalign® removable clear braces which straighten the teeth without causing self consciousness. Our orthodontist offers a free consultation (normal value $145) to help you determine the best course of treatment for your teen.
  • Our Englewood, NJ teen dentistry provides a fully equipped modern surgical suite with a board certified anesthesiologist for more comprehensive dental treatment, including the removal of primary teeth for orthodontics as well as wisdom teeth.
  • Does your teen hate the feeling of being numb after dental treatment? Ask us about OraVerse, a simple treatment that reverses the effect of Novacaine quickly and effectively.