Why Orthodontics?

Children’s Dental Health Center at Englewood Dental is devoted to building beautiful smiles by bringing teeth, lips, and jaws into proper alignment. Straight teeth function better, are easier to clean, and are more likely to last a lifetime. Research also shows us that health problems such as headaches and breathing problems may be related to abnormal alignments of the bones of the face and jaw.

Why do I need an Englewood orthodontist?

Children’s Dental Health Center at Englewood Dental can improve most tooth and jaw alignment problems at any age; however, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist no later than age seven. Many parents wait until children are in their teens before considering orthodontic treatment, but once a child reaches the age of 13, jaw development slows and there is limited room for growth.

The result; a beautiful profile, straight teeth, broad smile and the potential to alleviate problems such as headaches, jaw pain, earache, mouth breathing and sleep apnea. 

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