Halloween and the Holidays: Tooth Decay Prevention


With the neverending candy supply and yummy desserts served at fall and winter parties, Halloween is the commencement for all sweet heavy holidays. With this in mind, knowledge of tooth decay prevention is a big factor in helping to keep your mouth happy and healthy!



Make it through the Fall/Winter Holiday Season with these Helpful Tips

We should always be cautious and limit the amount of sugary food we consume, but during the season of cavities, it is extra important to be aware of potential tooth decay causes.

  • Always make sure your kids brush & floss regularly– not just during Halloween, but every day!
  • Be aware of your child’s brushing and flossing techniques as it is super important that they are brushing away any potential candy stuck in their teeth.
  • Take notice of the candy your child is consuming.
  • Hard candies stay in the mouth the longest, leaving the most time for potential tooth decay or other damage.
  • Chewy/Gummy candies get stuck in teeth and also end up spending the most time in the mouth.
  • Sugar-free candy is the way to go!
  • Candy goes better with meals (it sounds ridiculous, but trust us on this one)! The saliva your kid’s mouth produces while eating meals helps with the acidity balance by washing away acid-producing bacteria.
  • Be sure that they drink lots of water with the treats they consume. Water helps to rinse the mouth of sugars, lessening the enamel contact.
  • Gum is okay– as long as it is sugarfree. Just like water, this too increases your mouth’s production of saliva.
  • End your Halloween season with a fun & friendly trip to the dentist!

It is always important to take measures that will effectively reduce your child’s risk of cavities and tooth decay. Candy should not be totally shunned, but it should also never serve as your kid’s go-to snack. Make sure to follow these tips for a teeth-friendly Halloween and fall!


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