Is It Time For My Teen’s Wisdom Teeth To Be Extracted?

School is out and summer is in session– everything would be just perfect if your kid would stop complaining about their aching jaw or sore gums. But, of course, their wisdom teeth are finally making an appearance. Once this third set of molars rudely interrupts what could have been your child’s perfect dental record, their removal may become very imperative. Although cavemen took to utilizing their wisdom teeth, we no longer need them and actually, don’t really have room for them in our mouths. This final eruption of molars often can cause major problems as they typically grow in misaligned, crowd the other teeth, or even cause jawbone and/or nerve damage. Even partial eruptions of wisdom teeth result in exposed and open gum lines which can lead to tooth decay, infection, and even gum disease. Most of the time, any pain or discomfort brought on by wisdom teeth means that it’s time for them to be extracted!

Did you know the stress of end-of-the-year exams can trigger increased infections around wisdom teeth?

The idea that stress can contribute to wisdom teeth-related pain has recently surfaced. This was discovered as more and more cases erupted where students noticed pain around the time of their exams. However, stress-induced wisdom teeth pain is not really reversible, but it can be somewhat preventable through the use of meditation and other stress-relieving methods. This still doesn’t mean take a yoga class as a means of fixing your oral problems. Instead, if your child is experiencing a pain that feels more severe than the pressure of their wisdom teeth just growing in, it is best to book an appointment with your dentist as soon as you are able to.


Are your children home for the summer?

This is the perfect time to have their wisdom teeth removed giving enough time to fully recover! As soon as the symptoms of erupting wisdom teeth are apparent, one should consider having them removed to prevent further pain, discomfort, and worsening oral conditions. The recovery process is a little tedious and uncomfortable for most patients, so we recommend leaving an open schedule for your child after their procedure. Some major swelling of the cheeks will most likely occur, to which many opt to have ice packs glued to their face until the swelling recedes.

Another hindrance to the typical teenage lifestyle is the new, very temporary, diet they will have to take on. Doctors recommend an all liquid, or soft foods, diet. But fear not, ice cream happens to be one of the most commonly consumed foods during the wisdom teeth recovery process, so you can avoid the complaining and questions asking when they can eat pizza again.


Not sure if your wisdom teeth are in the condition to be extracted?

Come by the office for a FREE consultation (regular value $165). Our Englewood, NJ teen dentistry provides a fully equipped modern surgical suite with a board certified anesthesiologist, perfect for more comprehensive dental treatment like wisdom teeth removal. It is important to keep your children’s teeth monitored, especially if they are constantly busy or living out of the house during the school year.


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