What Happens at My Child’s Sedation Dentistry Appointment?

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Getting ready for “back to school” often means a physical and dental check-up. Scheduling your child’s dental check-up early ensures there’s time to address any treatment that might be necessary. But what happens when your child needs extensive work, has special needs or is perhaps a little too anxious to cooperate comfortably? This may be the time to consider pediatric sedation.




What Is Pediatric Sedation?parrot says sedation for comfort

Pediatric sedation is the introduction of calming or anti-anxiety drugs into the blood system during dental treatment. Although sleeping, the child remains conscious, and may be able to understand and respond to requests from the dentist. Unlike general anesthesia, there is no need for a breathing tube or ventilation. The child’s vital signs and breathing are monitored by an Anesthesiologist, who also administers enough medication to keep the child comfortably asleep.


What Happens If My Child Needs Sedation?

Once you have discussed your options with your child’s pediatric dentist and decided to schedule a sedation dentistry appointment, the dentist will request a number of items.  The dentist will need your child’s medical history, a letter of clearance from your pediatrician, so a copy can be given to the Anesthesiologist for review before treatment. You may be given a questionnaire regarding your child’s medical health and history, as well as any concerns you have. The Anesthesiologist will speak with you before the scheduled treatment date to discuss your child’s history, your concerns, and the anesthesia plan. Your child will need to be free of any cold symptoms, including a cough, sore throat, and fever.


What Happens in the Chair?kids sedation dentistry no memory appointment

Your child may be given an oral pre-medication before being taken into the treatment room. This allows your child to relax and become more cooperative. In general, you’re encouraged to hold your child in your lap while the Anesthesiologist places an IV. As your child starts to become drowsy, he will be made comfortable in the treatment chair and appropriate monitoring equipment will be set up. Once he is asleep, the dentist will give local anesthetic and the procedure can begin. Throughout the procedure the dentist and Anesthesiologist will communicate regarding how your child’s treatment is progressing, the level of sedation your child has reached or needs to reach, and where they are in the estimated treatment timeline. When the work has been completed and before your child wakes up, you will be brought into the treatment room to prevent any anxiety on your child’s part as he awakes, allowing him to gently and naturally wake up.


What Happens Next?

Once the procedure is completed, your child is usually ready to leave within an hour or so. Depending on the length of procedure and sedation needed, your child may be sleepy or drowsy for the remainder of the day. In any case, you will want to be sure your child has a quiet afternoon. The Anesthesiologist and dentist will discuss the home care instructions with you before you leave, which may include keeping your child on soft foods and being sure the Novocaine anesthetic has worn off before he attempts to eat.




At the Children’s Dental Health Center, we strive to make every office visit stress-free for both you and your child. We are proud to have a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with an expertise in pediatric anesthesia on staff to provide the highest standard of care available to your child. Our pediatric specialists and their staff are highly trained in pediatric sedation and work along with our Anesthesiologist, with your child’s safety being the highest priority.

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