It’s Time to Get to Know Our Pediatric Dentists (and what they do!)

The Children’s Dental Health Center at Englewood Dental has been serving patients for several years– mainly in the Northern New Jersey and New York metropolitan area.  Our staff maintains their high-quality and continuous search of excellence for their patients as they take part in several continuing education courses each year. Our team continually strives to create the most exceptional dental care for our patients, and believes establishing a secure dental home early on is a must!

The staff at The Children’s Dental Health Center are educated in practices of all areas of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.  Our facility has specialized equipment and staff to properly and specifically address your child’s oral needs while maintaining a warm, friendly, and caring environment.


Meet Our Pediatric Dentists!

Dr. John Minichetti: General Dentist, Director of Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry of Englewood, has years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, implantology, and prosthetic reconstruction. He is regularly thought of as Bergen County’s leading dentist for keeping patients relaxed and satisfied.



Dr. Anna HongCosmetic Dentist, Co-Director of Englewood Dental has more than 20 years of private practice experience; provides sleep apnea therapy, cosmetic, laser, dental implant prosthetics, general, and preventative dentistry




Dr. Nadine Keegan, M.D.: the Director of Anesthesia and Medicine at the Center for Implants and Aesthetics; She is experienced with special needs patients and provides sedation in our modern, fully-equipped surgical suite.



Dr. Jennifer Akkaway: a pediatric dentist with expertise in the unique needs of children and adolescents; As part of the Children’s Dental Health Center at Englewood Dental, Dr. Akkaway and her staff take time to teach their patients of proper dental maintenance techniques and ensure stress-free and fun visits. She is also experienced in working with children with special needs.


Dr. Agnes Barbagallo: treats patients of the Children’s Dental Health Center at Englewood Dental; has a deep sense of commitment to her community and has a passion for connecting with children. Under her care children with special needs are treated with special care.




Dr. Karolyn Kopcza: treats children and adults at Englewood Dental in need of interceptive orthodontics, corrective orthodontics, and other smile-improving treatments. She wants to help her patients gain confidence by giving them beautiful new smiles.



Our very well-established dentists will partner with your children to ensure comprehensive, diligent dental care, for a lifetime of strong oral health.


What It Takes to Become a Pediatric Dentist and What Makes it Special

Becoming a pediatric dentist, or pedodontist is a long and challenging path.  Along with the typical high school and undergraduate studies, one must also complete Dental School, a 4-year study in which they will receive a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine.  Once completed, aspiring dentists move on to a 2-year residency program where they will gain experience and skills, in this case, relating to kid patients.  Within this program, one learns about child psychology, childhood development, child-related pharmacology, and more in the pediatric dentistry field. The last step in the process is receiving your license, and in most states, this means completing a degree from an accredited dental school and passing a written and practical examination, and possibly pediatric dentistry exam as well.

According to the Commission on Dental Accreditation, pediatric dentists are trained with different standards to address the special needs of children and adolescents, like pediatric sedation, thumb sucking therapy, fluoride treatments, baby tooth root canals, dental sealants, and more.  Pedodontists must know the correct products to recommend to patients, as well as create a welcoming, enjoyable, friendly environment.


Our Mission Statement

At The Children’s Dental Health Center at Englewood Dental, we believe there should be a close relationship between the doctor and patient. Due to this, we have advanced training in all of the specialties of dentistry and orthodontics. This allows our patients to receive comprehensive dental care within one office. By avoiding referrals to outside specialists, anxiety is avoided, time and money are saved, and patients receive the optimal continuity of care. Our amazing staff is committed to providing your children with the highest quality of care. We will make every effort to ensure that your child’s first visit with us is a comfortable and informative experience.


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