The Best Ways to Avoid Cavities in Young Children


Cavities, specifically early childhood cavities, are decayed tooth surfaces occurring in children 6 and under. Cavities are very common (one of the most common health issues), but also very easy to prevent. Eating the wrong foods, consumption of sugary substances, and improper cleaning can all lead to tooth decay.


– Major tooth sensitivity
– Pains when eating or drinking (mainly sugar, hot, or cold substances)
– Pains when chewing
– Intense toothache (with little or no cause)
– Staining on tooth surfaces
– Observable or sensible holes in teeth



Do you want to prevent your children from getting cavities?
1. Create an efficient oral routine– Whether your child has teeth or not, it’s important to instill a routine in their heads to maintain a healthy mouth. For babies with no teeth, you can still clean their gums with a damp cloth to get rid of any trapped food.

2. Brush & Floss as a family– Create a family-fun routine to incorporate and instill healthy oral habits. This creates a healthy habit and also allows you to make sure they are doing it properly.


3. Establish a healthy diet– Snacking frequently creates more bacteria in the mouth, producing acids and wearing down the teeth. Try to avoid heavy consumption of acidic beverages and foods, or brush your teeth to clean away the bacteria.

4. Avoid sugary food and drinks– Sugary substances tend to stay in your mouth longer, so avoid putting sugary drinks in baby bottles or sippy cups. Diluting milk and juice with water is another helpful and healthy trick.

5. Don’t give your child a bottle before bed– This is one of the most unhealthy decisions you can make for your children’s’ teeth. The sugar in regular milk, formula, and breastmilk can heavily lead to tooth decay and extreme discomfort and pain. Try giving your child a bottle of water before bed if a bottle is a must-have before bedtime.

6. Find a good dental office- Like Englewood Dental!


The longer a cavity goes untreated, the worse the damage gets, and the harder it is to treat. Cavities are painful and uncomfortable, but they are unnecessary if you follow these healthy tips!


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